Mindful Editing for Creating a Great Customer Experience

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Executive Summary: Editing has a great role to play in customer experience. Hence, it should be mindful.

Reading Time: <1 minute.

A few days ago, I was attempting to learn a breathing pattern in yoga from an online video.

As per the video, I was supposed to chant a sound repeatedly while breathing out. However, after voicing the sound, before I could go to the next utterance, the trainer was already into the second utterance. I was perplexed as to how he could breathe in so fast that he could go on to the next utterance.

After some attention to the video and the technique, I reasoned out that probably… probably…the pause between 2 breaths was too long in the original video and was edited out for keeping the video length short and the content sharp.

I understood, first hand, 2 things:

  • The need for retaining all that is relevant rather than all that is voice or image in a video.
  • Silence is content too.