Every Business Benefits from Content Strategy


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When a business has a shopfront, the salesperson can speak a local language and turn a lead into a customer or retain an existing customer. However, in a digital world, things work differently. If you set up a great looking website with content that is not half as good, users leave the website for a competitor’s website that has articulate content carefully structured to meet the customer’s needs.

You must note that content strategy is not about writing or publishing content but about how content is structured, presented, articulated to help the customer’s digital journey with the brand.

Does Content Strategy Impact Your Sales

Some days ago, I walked into a supermarket (deli) to buy a light bulb. I wanted to buy a bulb that gives the highest lumens for the lowest wattage. (Lumens indicate how bright the light is.)

Trust me. Only one brand’s light bulbs had this information right on the packs in boldface. I didn’t have to search for the information I needed. And there was just one light bulb left on the shelf. The other popular brands either did not have the info or hid it somewhere in the fine print.

It only shows that these other brands have not anticipated what the customer wants to see at the time of buying. As the society becomes more educated and more discerning, the need for accurate information built in anticipation of your customers’ needs is expected and rewarded by your customers. And this is what content strategy is all about.

What content is required to fulfill the needs and exceed the expectations of your customer? What content helps them travel down a decision path to engage with your brand successfully while buying the brand’s products and services? How do we make available the content, measure its effectiveness, adjust it, and make it useful for the user and beneficial for the buyer and the seller? This is what makes up the content strategy of an organization.

The questions and the answers raised to chisel your content strategy vary, based on the industry and the products and services. But at the heart of the content strategy is an uncompromising effort to anticipate, meet, and exceed the information needs of the customer.

Whether brands recognize this fact or not, today every brand needs an effective content strategy.