Creative Brief: Briefing an Agency for Corporate Video Production

Creative Brief - Briefing an Agency for Corporate Video Production

Executive Summary: Corporate video is about making the viewers feel that they ‘know’ your organization and recognize it for something.  This blog enables you to guide the creative agency slated to produce your corporate video.

Readership: Leadership teams and teams in-charge of marketing communications.

Reading time: 3 min.

The Genesis

Apparently, the first question. Why is the video being made?  Why now? What long term and short term objectives have created the need for a video? Your answer to this question gives the context of the video.

The Positioning

After watching some corporate videos, you are left with a ‘so…?” kind of question. This question is bound to pop up in your mind if the video recounts facts and states its businesses but doesn’t position the company.

The Competition

The creative agency needs a backdrop to understand your company better. Let them know who your competitors are and the product or service areas that you compete in. This knowledge influences your positioning in a big way.

The History

The company’s history is vital to position the organization appropriately. A company can go there only from where it is. And where it is tied to where it was. This chain of knowing extends all the way to the inception of the company.

Also, if a corporate video was shot in the past, let the agency know what you think of it and how you want the new one to be better, or even different.

The Perception

An organization is not about profits and markets. It is fundamentally about serving peoples’ needs. An organization comes into being when people become part of it. So, help the agency understand the perceptions of people associated with the organization. Your employees, leadership team, partners, vendors, and customers — all of them form the ecosystem of people who help your organization to be and become. Understanding how they perceive the organization is fundamental to a corporate identity.

The Coordinator

Select an empathetic, communicative, and patient person to coordinate with the agency. Such person will be very supportive and help the agency give its best.

The Conclusion

Corporate video is about making the viewers feel that they know you and are comfortable in the knowing. Support the agency towards this goal. Since the agency is an outside entity, it is bound to take a little while to soak your context. The more supportive and involved you are, the better the result.

— By Surya Prabha Vallae