How to Search the Local Language Content

Google helps us at two levels to search the local language content.

  • Google can search content published in Indian regional languages.
  • Using Google’s Input Tools, you can use transliteration and avoid the laborious typing in a local language.

What is Transliteration-based Search?

Transliteration allows you to type a phonetically similar word in English and turns it into the corresponding word in the local language.

How is Transliteration-based Search Helpful

  • Transliteration lets you skip typing in a regional language. The Indian regional languages are phonetic in general and the typing needs a high accuracy to get the right content. Therefore, transliteration saves the typing effort.
  • Also, you can minimize typos.

The Need for Searching the Regional Language Content

Regional language search is of great help:

  • Many local events are elaborately reported in regional languages. However, only some of them make it to the headlines in the press in English. Therefore, anyone interested in a regional happening can find many sources in regional language.
  • Also, some state governments post content such as laws and policies in the local language. They also release news bulletins in local languages. To find this content, you need local language search.
  • How about searching for a YouTube video?

As of this writing in June 2019, the Google Input Tools help you search the regional language content on the Internet, YouTube, Gmail, and Google Drive.

Also, Google Input Tools enable transliterated input in Search, Chrome, and Chrome OS in 20 languages.

To know more, find the relevant help topic by searching for “transliteration Google Input Tools”.

Prerequisites for Regional Content Search

Install Google Input Tools. To know how to install and enable Google Input Tools, read the help article from Google.

An Example of Regional Language Content Search

This video demonstrates how to search for “Namasthe Telangana” using transliteration:


It is possible that there are other ways to search the local language content. If you know any of them, please write to us at sales [at] lotustech [dot] online. We will publish your inputs with credits.