Content Writer Interview Questions

“Content Writer Interview Questions.” A train of four nouns. If you have already noticed this fact, you are cut for the content writer’s role. Read on.

Content writers work in a wide variety of sectors. A content writer’s services are sought across real estate, financial services, IT, food, fitness, social media, ecommerce, and NGOs in India. Therefore, “content writing interview questions” is a topic of great interest to all those looking for getting employed, or, are looking forward to interviewing candidates.

As a candidate, you may first want to check out the website and social media pages of the hiring organization.

For example, if the hiring organization is a government department, you must study their digital presence first. Here is an example page: The Government of Telangana. Their social media pages are listed at the bottom of the website.

Content Writer and the Why of Everything

Try to understand the why of everything. It fundamentally alters the way you approach the topic and the way you write about it. For example:

  • Why should a business host a website? Why not a Google business page?
  • Why do firms maintain both?
  • Can email marketing in English benefit your hiring organization? It may not if most of its customers are not inclined to read English or are not digitally savvy.

As a content writer, you may expect questions that span across these areas:

Content Writing

For a content writer, the ability to write well in English is mandatory. In case your interview is for a position in regional language content writing, you are expected to have impressive language skills in the vernacular. The hiring team may ask you to write a short note on a given topic or a topic of your choice.

Content writing needs you to write for a wide variety of digital assets such as websites, social media pages, email copy for email marketing, blog articles, and so on. You can study and know something about each of those assets to ace the interview.

For example, if you want to know more about creating a web copy, read our page Content Writing for Websites and email marketing.

The tools associated with content writing, such as MS Word, Grammarly, and the metrics they help you garner are some discussion points, for sure.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO makes your content discoverable. Possessing the knowledge of SEO and the ability to do on-page SEO can put you in a league of your own. If you don’t understand this topic, brush up your knowledge quickly to get the basics right. Also, browse through articles on tools that help you with SEO by showing the search volumes and the other relevant data. Google Keyword Planner is a tool that you should know about in this context.

Questions may be on these lines:

  1. Why is SEO important?
  2. How do you understand if a page SEO’ed or not?
  3. What are the types of SEO?
  4. What are the different steps in on-page SEO?
  5. How do you develop off-page SEO?
  6. Who do you follow to continue your SEO education?
  7. What is the maximum number of times a keyword should repeat on a page?
  8. Tell me something about readability metrics. And how do they support SEO?
  9. What challenges have you faced in improving the SEO of a website?

Domain Expertise

If you have already worked in the hiring organization’s domain, you will be asked to answer some questions to understand the breadth and depth of your understanding. Check the websites of the hiring organization and those of its competitors.


Blogging is probably the mainstay of companies that bet big on digital marketing and also those that want a decent digital footprint. It would be ideal if you can showcase some blogs that you have written, preferably as part of your previous job, or as a matter of hobby.

If you don't have a blog already, start one and write regularly. Over time, you will build a portfolio. To help yourself in creating a blog portfolio, read our post about how to start a blog for help.

Some questions that you can expect here are:

  1. Why should a business develop blogs?
  2. What are your favorite blogs?
  3. Do you follow any blogger?
  4. Can you write a sample blog on any topic of your choice?
  5. What structure do you follow while writing a blog?
  6. Do you take someone’s help to edit your blogs? If yes, how do you manage the process?
  7. What plagiarism checks do you run?
  8. What metrics you should monitor to assess the blog’s performance and why?

Email Marketing

You may be asked to write a sample email in a given context. Also, your knowledge of the email marketing tools may be probed using high-level and in-depth questions.

Image Making & Editing

Images are a part of content creation efforts. Therefore, brush up your knowledge about the image-making tools, websites that let you create images using the web such as Canva (an online application) or GIMP (a desktop, opensource application), and photography sites that offer copyright-free, paid photographs, or both. Check out Unsplash, Pexels, Shutterstock. There are many others too.

Social Media

Understand how each social media platform works for businesses. If a question is asked on this topic, you should be able to talk for 2 to 3 minutes. For example, the question can be, “Why should a business publish on LinkedIn Pulse?”

Also, check the social media post sizes for popular platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram), permitted post lengths, the approval times, if any, and so on. you may want to read about the social media platform that the prospective employer wants to master.


Content writing brings web publishing, marketing, writing, and rhetoric together. Enjoy the journey.

If you have questions or need customized courses in content writing for specific sectors such as IT, healthcare, government, education, financial services, and so on, please write to us at sales [at] lotustech [dot] online.

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