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Content Writer Interview Questions

“Content Writer Interview Questions.” A train of four nouns. We could have cast it better. However, we chose to write it using this search term so that you can find this topic easily via the search engines. Content writers work in a wide variety of sectors. A content writer’s services are sought across real estate, […]

DDLC for Technical Writers

Quick help on Document Development Life Cycle (DDLC) and the DDLC phases for technical writers who want to make a short but comprehensive presentation on DDLC to train new writers or prepare for an interview quickly: Analysis: The prerequisite for this stage is that you should know, at a very high level, the product features […]

Style Guides for an IT Startup

Executive summary: An IT startup needs 3 style guides, one each for Marcomm, Brand Identity, and Technical Publications. This article helps non-writers and junior writers to put together the style guides and guidelines to use the style guides effectively in a startup. Should my IT startup need a style guide at all? You may wonder. […]

How to Start a Blog

This blog post tells you how to start a blog as opposed to how to write a blog. That is, it explains the background work you need to do to start a blog. Also, this blog does not include the details about using any one platform. If you want to start a company or corporate […]