Certificate Course in Technical Writing

Technical writing is a niche profession of the information age.

Being part of the technical writing profession for over 20 years, we have known how critical it is to have a well-trained technical writer on the team. Hence our decision to support the talent needs of startups and established IT businesses with the certificate course in technical writing.

Why a Course in Technical Writing

  • Technical writing demands precision in writing and adherence to technical writing standards and conventions.
  • With many startups preferring to have a lone writer, it becomes highly obligatory to have a well-trained technical writer who works with minimal or zero supervision.
  • Left to oneself, a technical writer may not know how to choose a path that delivers technical documentation optimally. Therefore, the knowledge of tools and their place in technical publications and software development life cycle is a must.
  • Technical writing, at the core of it, is a people skill. It requires impeccable people skills to be a successful technical writer. So, it stands to reason that they learn how to influence people in matrix environments.


Lotus Tech’s certificate course in technical writing has four major modules.

  1. Writing: Technical Writing & Style Guides.
  2. Tools: RoboHelp & FrameMaker.
  3. Project Management: Software development methodologies, project life cycle, & documentation development life cycle.
  4. People Management: People skills & email writing.


30 days.

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