Customer Experience

Customer experience is a lot more than meeting the SLAs, fulfilling the commercial terms agreed upon, delivering on time, and so on. It is the way an organization or a staff member anticipates and works around the real world problems to serve a prospect or customer.

Customer experience is predominantly shaped by his interaction with the brand’s touch points such as content, website, customer service, products, service delivery, and so on. The tangible and the intangible, the human and the inanimate, the service, and the delivery mechanism — all these and many other factors influence the customer’s experience.

It is also highly important to understand that a great experience as a prospect is what makes a customer a lead and yet another wave of experience is what turns him into a customer. Therefore, the customer’s experience with the brand has to be awesome all along.

Being where we are, at the intersection of design, technology, and communication, we support organizations in shaping a great customer experience with a seamless user experience.

User Experience

User-interface content elements such as the UI text and messages (success, error, informational, warning, and alert) play a great role in helping a user understand and interact with the product successfully and leave with a great customer experience.

For example, an error message should have a number, text that explains the problem, and also a solution. If the user can’t solve the problem himself, he can always call the support center and mention the number for easy lookup.

Unambiguous user interface communication is a must for product and customer experience.

How Can We Help

We can help your business with:

  • Designing applications and mobile apps.
  • User experience (UX) evaluation of applications and mobile apps.

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