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We remember Lotus Tech for 3 things:

Their knowledge of the content space puts them in a league of their own.

Their ability to walk in our shoes to create the first draft that hardly needed any corrections.

And their doggedness in seeing that the project reaches the finish line. Our website was not taking shape due to the visual requirements. Lotus Tech ensured that the right partner came on board and worked with us until we were done. It is very rare to find such perseverance. We recommend them hands down.

–R. Sivaram Reddy

Partner, SGP & Associates

Company Secretaries


A startup needs every working partner to be involved and passionate about the business idea they are working with. Lotus Tech became our Content Partner for the same reason. The Lotus Tech team are wedded to our business idea, and they took the time to understand the business model first. Once that is done, they started delivering perfect content for our business.

Our business model needs understanding and knowledge of e-commerce services, BIG DATA model, Analytics and Real Estate. Some of these domains were new to the Lotus Tech team, but they acquired the knowledge and adapted to our business needs in no time.

They routinely suggest UX improvements.

They suggest and justify new product features. This is possible only because they have absorbed the business idea fully and bring an extremely user-centric approach to product making.

When we hired new members for our internal content team, Lotus Tech helped us in training and mentoring them. That was a very nice gesture in understanding the startup needs and adapting to the client’s requirements.

The Lotus Tech team contributes online articles, blog posts, content series on Real Estate trends and content for our monthly newspaper’s print edition. They also create service pages, templates for standard articles, press kit and PR articles.

We are a very happy client of Lotus Tech, and we will be with them for the time to come. Best wishes to Team Lotus Tech as they celebrate their 3rd anniversary on October 1, 2018.

–Ravi Kumar Bandlamudi

CEO & Founder, Property Adviser , India’s 1st Ever Property Directory



“Lotus Tech has been instrumental in building and delivering our marketing communications. I am very happy to say that Lotus Tech provides the best service and I call them the best for 4 reasons:

  • First, the range of communication artifacts they have created for us. The artifacts included our website content, business proposals submitted to the ministries in charge of dairy development, communication with the senior bureaucrats of the state and central governments and heads of non-governmental organisations, fundraising pitches, write-ups for a magazine, and pamphlets and calendar in the regional language.
  • Second, the clientele served. The recipients of our communication include ministers of various state governments, senior IAS officers, heads of research institutions, partners in venture capital firms, and farmers.
  • Third, the quality of research, the adherence to deadlines, the thoroughness, and the ability to own the content cycle are excellent.
  • Fourth, they step into a domain (dairy development and agritech) hitherto unknown to them, make it their own in no time, and build our communications impeccably.

In other words, we are delighted with their service, and we highly recommend Lotus Tech as a content partner.”

Madhav Kshatriya

Founder and CEO, Cornext Agri Products Pvt. Ltd.


Lotus Tech helped CEO Clubs India with member-training documentation, member communication, CEO Clubs India brochure, and member testimonials.

In this process, I noticed many things that are utterly unique to Lotus Tech:

  • They are masters of their trade.
  • They go beyond the obvious at every step.
  • They have an extraordinary sense of ownership to drive work.
  • Their grace in communicating with the leaders of the industry is a pleasure to watch.

I particularly remember the way Lotus Tech created testimonials. Lotus Tech had a beautiful and articulate strategy. While all testimonials sounded the same when given, Lotus Tech created, based on the nuances of each conversation, the most original testimonials. What’s more, the testimonials were accepted verbatim.

I highly recommend Lotus Tech for their content services.

Hari K. Vallurupalli

National President, CEO Clubs India