Executive Blogging


We support C-suite executives with business blogging and technology blogging. Our deep roots in technology and communications have helped us to partner with many startups in executive blogging.

We Ask

We request our customers to fill a blogging cheat sheet that collects the relevant data for blogging. The cheat sheet helps us understand your outlook.

The Blogging Process

After studying the blogging cheat sheet, we take a deep-dive into the subject area of the blog. Remember those divers in the days of yore who would drive into the ocean depths to pick up the choicest of the pearls! We are no different. We call this period the Research phase. The research phase results in collecting lots of links, perspectives, data, and our reading.

Next in line is developing a blog framework. Often this framework has contradicting viewpoints, data, the positioning of the service or product, and so on. Now we take the blog framework to our customer.

Many a time, the c-suite executives ask us to come up with alternatives in positioning. Since developing alternatives in positioning is a huge responsibility, we revisit and hone our research. And develop the draft blog. The draft reaches our customer with the notes on possible conclusions that the blog can use and the positioning that the product or service can take. This marks the end of the first draft phase.

After the executive team looks at the draft and gives the feedback, we incorporate the feedback, rewrite, edit and send the blog for acceptance. This stage marks the end of the second draft phase.

It’s a practice that the entire c-suite executive team evaluates and accepts the blog. And what follows is history…

Write to us at sales at lotustech dot online to discuss if you need support in CEO, marketing and technology blogging spaces. Or, call us at +91-7032727333.