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Email marketing is a great way to reach out to your customers with relevant information. Email marketing is popular among marketers for the advantages it offers:

  • High brand recall and awareness.
  • Scalability to advertise to large numbers of people.
  • Low-cost medium.
  • Access to consumers even when they are not logged into your website.
  • The power to present text, voice, and video content.
  • Infinite scope for segmentation and customization.

Note: We used the terms email newsletter and email campaign somewhat interchangeably. However, there is a subtle difference. Email newsletters are distributed periodically while an email campaign can be a one-time send.

The Advantages of Email Marketing

Direct access to customers, anytime, anywhere

Remove dependency on platforms like that may change their policies and may drop your access to customers.

Your email list is a group of people who have expressed their willingness to listen to your communication. Therefore, they are similar to the audience in an auditorium listening to you. This is a great opportunity to educate, motivate, and benefit them with your valuable advice and services.

Who Can Use Email Marketing

Any business or independent consultant can benefit from email marketing.

How Do You Measure the Effectiveness

There are many metrics to measure. However, what metrics you choose to measure are based on the audience and the content and the intent of the email newsletters. For example, if you send educational newsletters with no links inside the body of the email, then a good open rate indicates that the recipients are reading your email.

Some useful metrics are here:

Open Rate

Open rate is the percentage of recipients who opened the email. Let us say you send an email to 100 recipients, and 20 of them open the email. Your open rate stands at 20%.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

The percentage of recipients who clicked on one or more links in the email.

Conversion Rate

The percentage of recipients who completed the desired action presented to them.

Bounce Rate

The percentage of undelivered emails. Emails can go undelivered due to a temporary issue (soft bounce) or a permanent issue (hard bounce).

Number of Opt-Outs

If you see a large number of recipients unsubscribing from the list (opt-outs), it is time to revisit the content strategy of your email campaign. Users unsubscribe when the intent of signing up for the email newsletter is not met or fulfilled.

So, you may do well to compare what your sign up page promises to deliver and what your email newsletter delivers. Also, opt-outs happen because a small section of your recipients has overgrown the need to receive the email newsletter. For example, customers who opted in to receive a Thanksgiving sale are likely to unsubscribe after Thanksgiving.

Other Metrics

There are many other metrics such as the open length, the time length for which an email is left open and an important measure that can be used along with the open rate.

Likewise, the unsubscribe rate, complain rate, average opens per person, and so on give you a highly accurate view of the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Our Services and Experience

We create email newsletters and organize email marketing campaigns as well.

We have been organizing email campaigns for a customer for about a year now. While the industry’s open rate for our customer’s domain is about 20%, our open rates range from 17 to 24%.

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