Content Writing for Websites


Content writing for websites has to implement 2 elements in web copy:

  • SEO content.
  • Copywriting.

What is SEO Content

The Internet has billions of users trying to find, compare, and buy products and services. How do they do this? Using the search engines.

When a user types a keyword, say, ‘red fountain pen,’ all websites that have the text string “red fountain pen” are presented to the user. These results are called organic search results. If you sell a ‘red fountain pen,’ you must have described your pen using those very words.

A point to note: If you have not described your pen as one, the prospect won’t be able to find your product online. And this is what SEO content is all about. Understanding users’ intention and choosing the right words to describe your products and services so that Google displays your business details in organic search results.

And rarely do visitors go to the second page of search results. Hence the competition to rank on the first page of search results is fierce.

Also, SEO content reduces your ad spend when your pages start appearing in organic search results and buyers buy from your website.

What is Copywriting

Copywriting is the skill to sharpen a piece of writing and the message of the writing.

When you employ a skilled copywriter, he gets your message succinctly across to wow the website visitors. Search engines too recognize a well-written copy by pushing it higher in the search results.

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