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Successful marketing creates wealth. Consequently, getting it right is a burning need for a business.

We see, as a startup in India, several broad segments of marketing. An overview of two segments (Startup Marketing and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Marketing) is here:

Startup Marketing

Many a time, businesses are started by entrepreneurs who are very experienced in their line of business. However, most entrepreneurs rarely have a grounding in business skills. Consequently, many startups that have a fantastic value proposition never make it in the business world.

The startup circles mention that anywhere between 50 to 90% of business close the doors before they are 5 years old because the owner lacked the business (read marketing) skills.

Some business communities in India have the traditional wisdom to point out that a business need not be discussed unless it is at least 3 years old.

For a first-time entrepreneur, marketing is a difficult proposition for another reason too. If the product or service is new, the market is not identified, and it is not easy to educate the leads. Or if the product or service is old, the market is well-formed, but there is competition.

SME Marketing

SME Marketing is near non-existent, at least in India. This is mostly referral based and returning customers. Many businesses opportunities when they come up but don’t actively develop marketing departments. The marketing is also very founder-centric in this segment.

Also, this segment experiences so much business that if an SME has start marketing, it should also increase its capacity to handle the increased business volume. Many business owners find it difficult as they are spread too thin with meeting the existing business demands.

What is Marketing

Marketing is about creating an intent to engage and later transact with the brand.

Marketing today has paved the way for digital marketing. However, its importance and value remain the same as ever both in the physical and digital world.

How Can We Help

We create content for your marketing, and digital marketing needs to engage successfully with your leads, prospects, and customers during their journey with your brand.

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For a deeper understanding of the SME segment’s marketing needs, refer to our blog post on the significance of positioning in SME digital marketing.

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