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A website is a business’ first claim to the digital world. Professional services firms of lawyers, doctors, chartered accountants, and company secretaries need websites that accurately showcase their expertise in niche segments without being self-promoting. With expertise spanning Finance, Law, Healthcare, IT, and in-depth experience in content and product development, Lotus Tech is the preferred partner in website development for professional services firms.

Firms host websites with a wide variety of goals. Based on the goals, how a business perceives a website is primarily of these categories:

  • Some businesses see a website as another touch point with the customers, much like a phone number. Such websites are kept current occasionally.
  • Some businesses treat their websites as a speaker’s corner, more to talk about their products and services. These websites are updated periodically and get to be frequented by only by strong leads who want to understand the products and services thoroughly.
  • The third category of businesses sees a website as an interface to:
    • Bring all services or products online and conduct the business online.
    • Interact with their ecosystem consisting of partners, customers, vendors, employees, and so on.
    • Share relevant knowledge with prospects, leads, and customers to help their decision-making at all stages of their journeys in engaging with the brand.
    • Help the customers to become advocates.

It is the third category of firms that see the magic happening and reap the most from their digital investments.

Phases of Building a Website

Website building typically goes through these major phases.

  1. Identifying the type of website the business needs.
  2. Website content development — the content of the website detailing your organization’s products and services.
  3. Design — How the website looks and the user experience.
  4. Development — Actual design phase wherein the website takes shape.
  5. Testing — Testing that the website is as it should be.
  6. Approvals and hand-off — Stakeholder approval, handing over the website to the stakeholders.

Each phase is iterative. The more clear you are about what your website should look like and its goals, the sooner we can deliver.

Why Lotus Tech

Since inception, we have helped many websites take shape. We steer your firm through all the above phases to deliver a great customer experience to your clients, leads, and prospects.

Our Promise

A discerning design team, a competent technical team, a seasoned content team, and an experienced project management team are our promise to your firm.

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