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Successful marketing creates wealth. Consequently, getting it right is a burning need for a business. With a huge wave of starting up technology-ventures sweeping India, we are particularly interested in startups and startup marketing.

Startup Marketing, a Strategic Function

Many a time, businesses are started by entrepreneurs who are very experienced in their line of business. However, most entrepreneurs rarely have a grounding in business skills. Consequently, many startups that have a fantastic value proposition never make it in the business world.

For a first-time entrepreneur, marketing is a difficult proposition for at least two reasons.

If the product or service is new, two problems affect startup marketing:

  • Identifying and developing the right markets with volumes.
  • Educating prospects.

Alternatively, if the product or service is old enough to have a defined market, customer segments, and ripe for IT product adoption, the product-market fit and competition pose a challenge.

What is Marketing, Anyway

Marketing is about creating an intent to engage and later transact with the brand.

Marketing today has paved the way for digital marketing. However, its importance and value remain the same as ever, both in the physical and digital worlds.

How Can We Help

We can help your general and specific needs in marketing. They include:

  • Market research
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Content Development (Content writing and a lot more.)
  • Quora Marketing

Write to us at sales [at] lotustech [dot] online to discuss your needs.