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Lotus Tech - Content Writing Services

In a digital world, content is at the core of your brand because consumers experience your brand digitally first.

Content includes text, audio, and video.

For content to be successful, we need to deploy these elements appropriately. When combined with a deep understanding of the marketing intent and customer needs, you can build a bridge between the consumers and your brand.

Your brand’s content often includes:

  • Marketing Collateral (White Papers, Case Studies, Presentations, Leadership Communication)
  • Digital Marketing Collateral (CEO Blogging, Business Blogging, Email Marketing Content, Social Media Marketing Content, Content for Search Engine Marketing, Print & Electronic Media)
  • Technical Documentation
  • User Interface Content
  • Stakeholder Content
  • Website Content
  • Public Relations (PR) Content

And that’s what we are all about, content.

Marketing Collateral

Marketing is the first touch-point for a prospect and marketing collateral breathes life into the touch-points. This genre of content includes the literature that articulates your brand’s value proposition to the customer.

Strategizing and creating marketing collateral requires a keen understanding of your business, the questions raised in the field, and positioning that answers the questions.

Digital Marketing Collateral

Digital Marketing has many roles to play in your organization. While supporting your marketing effort, digital marketing can build two-way communication between your business and your customers. The two-way communication is a powerful paradigm because you own your relationship with your customer. No one else does. Therefore, the need for amazing content in this space is pressing.

Technical Documentation

Technical documentation, built with vision, strategy, and precision, helps customers appreciate your products, increases adoption and reduces support calls. The impact is a positive sentiment leading to referrals and increased revenue.

Content Formats

We create varied content formats:

  • Case studies
  • Whitepapers
  • Website copy
  • Executive blogs
  • Email newsletters
  • Video scripts
  • Business proposals
  • Technical documentation
  • Online help
  • Bid documentation
  • Fund-raising (venture capital) pitches

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