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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way of writing content so that search engines help users find, engage, and buy from an appropriate business. Let’s explain it in the context of writing web content. Some refer SEO content for websites as SEO copywriting, a much broader term including SEO content for many marketing content forms.

What is SEO Content

Once upon a time, a website was about having a digital presence. But a lot has changed since then. Today websites have become virtual storefronts that sell anything from a toothpick to a diamond. So how is this transition made possible? How is a website turned into a digital storefront?

The Internet has billions of users trying to find, try, and buy products and services. And how do they do this? Using the search engines. Once a user types a keyword say ‘red fountain pen,’ all websites that have the text string “red fountain pen” are presented to the user as organic search results. If you sell a ‘red fountain pen,’ you must have described your pen using those very words.

The key point to note: If you have not described your pen as one, the prospect won’t be able to find you.

And this is what SEO content for websites is all about. Understanding users’ intention and choosing the right keywords to describe your products and services.

That is the human side. What about the search engine side?

Search engines crawl (read understands) each page content and the data about the page (called metadata) to index it the page. The crawling and search algorithms are very intelligent and understand what the website as a whole and the page, in particular, are communicating to the user.

Why is SEO Content for Websites Important

SEO content aligns the website’s goals such as educating and selling with the user’s intent. As a result, the users engage and buy more from the business. This alone explains why the competition to rank on Google’s first page of search results is so intense.

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