Technical Communication

Technical communication forms the core of our offerings. Being seasoned technical writers, we understand startups, products, the technology domains, and the IT sector from inside out and outside in.

The Change vs the Constant

Technical writing has changed a lot from yesteryears, from pure product documentation through knowledgebases to API documentation with Robotic Process Automation knocking on the doors. The form of technical publications has changed from pure printed copies to on-demand Help.

What has not changed though is the need for technical documentation. If ever, it is more required today than it has ever been, with many populations and societies adopting digital as a way of life and companies embracing digitization.

What has not changed though is the need to produce such technical communication that more than describes the product or service. The document should guide users how to maximize the benefit of subscribing or installing a product.

Why Us

If you think that your product or service documentation should go beyond descriptions and create value for your customers, we should get talking.


Our experience in technical communication spans Analytics, Networking, Security, CRM, Marketing Automation, and so on.

Also, do check out our executive blogging capabilities for CEOs and CMOS of IT companies and the UX communication capabilities.


We use state-of-the-art tools for technical documentation. RoboHelp, FrameMaker, DocBook, DITA, and <oXygen/> make our tool set.

Not to mention, Grammarly is our primary tool for editing.


Honed by years of work in CMMI-certified companies, we follow stringent processes that ensure world-class technical content development.


Customers routinely ask us to edit tutorials of programming languages, create technical documentation, and develop product marketing materials.

Our customers’ appreciation often has its source in the UX improvements we suggest and the user-centricity we bring to the product and the product documentation.

Talk to Us

We love to discuss technical communication. Call us at +91-70327 27333 or write to us at sales [at] lotustech [dot] online.