Certificate Course in Blogging

Lotus Tech's Certificate Course in Blogging

Blogging is central to many a business on the Internet. When created with care, a blog can reflect the business in all its glory. In more mundane terms, blogs form the foundation of brand building and content marketing.

Why are We Offering This Course

We are constantly bombarded with questions about blogging on Quora and also in many private conversations. Also, no conversation with a customer ends without discussing blogging.

This course is our attempt to answer the most relevant questions, and bring those answers to a wider audience. Also, we feel that we can help aspiring bloggers to master their trade easily.

Course Details

We designed this course based on our experience in blogging for corporate companies and our blogs section.

The major sections of the blogging course are:

  • Research
  • Writing
  • Distribution
  • Tools
  • Administration

To know more about this course, pricing, and duration, please contact us.